Hawthorn East Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, located in Hawthorn East, Melbourne, is your trusted destination for exceptional healthcare and beauty treatments. Our integrated General Practice and Aesthetic Clinic prioritise your overall wellbeing, offering personalised medical and cosmetic services.

Our team of experienced and compassionate general practitioners is dedicated to providing attentive care, addressing your health concerns, and promoting holistic wellness. Whether you seek routine check-ups, preventive care, or specialised treatments, we are here to support you on your journey to optimal health.

In the realm of aesthetics, our skin and beauty specialists are committed to guiding you towards the best version of yourself. Leveraging extensive experience in the cosmetic field, we bring you the latest and most effective skin and laser treatments. Our commitment extends beyond enhancing external beauty to fostering confidence and overall wellbeing.

With a focus on personalised care and the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies, we strive to deliver exceptional results that leave you feeling radiant and rejuvenated. Trust our experts to accompany you on your journey to skin health and beauty excellence.

Experience the difference of patient-centric care at Hawthorn East Medical & Aesthetic Clinic—where your health and beauty are our top priorities.

Meet Our Team

General Practitioners

Dr. Sherrie Chew
Dr. Sherrie ChewAesthetic & Skin
Dr. Li Wan
Dr. Li WanGP
Dr. Premila Hewage
Dr. Premila HewageGP
Dr. Jason Xu
Dr. Jason XuGP
Dr. Mark Dalgleish
Dr. Mark DalgleishGP
Dr. Michelle Chee
Dr. Michelle CheeGP
Dr. Sui Lin, Li
Dr. Sui Lin, Li GP
Dr. Matthew Payne
Dr. Matthew PayneGP
Dr. Jinni Zhu
Dr. Jinni ZhuGP
Dr. Rachel Stewart
Dr. Rachel StewartGP

Allied Health

Yvonne Lin
Yvonne LinDietitian
Wendy Yeung
Wendy YeungDietitian


Samantha Ingram
Samantha IngramAesthetic Practice Manager
Gill Gao
Gill GaoPractice Nurse
Grace Yang
Grace YangPractice Nurse
Cassie Liu
Cassie LiuPractice Nurse


Carol Lau
Carol Lau GP Administrator
Peidy Giang
Peidy GiangReceptionist
Jodi Tran
Jodi TranReceptionist
Madeleine Easton
Madeleine EastonReceptionist
Janice Goh
Janice GohReceptionist
Elise Tang
Elise TangReceptionist
Linh Le
Linh LeReceptionist