Guiding Parenthood: Antenatal & Shared Care Services at Hawthorn East Medical Clinic (HEMAC)

The Antenatal Shared Care Program aims to provide a high standard of antenatal care for women who have a low risk pregnancy. Our female GP’s could provide Antenatal Services in conjunction with their preferred Hospital.

HEMAC Antenatal Care practitioners has an additional training in obstetrics, who is appointed by the local hospital to provide complete pregnancy care to public patients who are not going through a private obstetrician.

You will be seen by the Shared Care GP every month for the first six months, fortnightly for the next two months and then every week for the last month. They will arrange all necessary blood tests and ultrasounds.

You will be referred to the relevant hospital, where you will have about four visits during the nine months. This will be where delivery will take place, usually by a midwife, plus care for the baby and mother whilst in hospital. This way, both the hospital and your Shared Care practitioners are kept fully informed of your progress.

The benefits of this include your Shared Care GP being available at short notice, a convenient location to where you live or work with appointments available during lunch time or after work, follow-up care of both you and your new baby when you get home (including vaccinations) and most of all, continuity of care which encourages a trusting relationship to develop.

Pre-Pregnancy Counselling

At HEMAC, our practitioners recognise that pregnancy and planning can be a stressful event for some. This is why our Practitioners offer opportunities for pre-pregnancy counselling as well as the collection of relevant family history. This helps to identify any possible increased risks, and which testing needs to be performed to ensure adequate care, and preparation. We also provide information about the screening and diagnostic tests during pregnancy, and if necessary referrals to Genetic Services. Complete care and support with other implications such reproductive history, medical & and family history, current medications, diet and prenatal vitamins.

Post Natal Reviews

At HEMAC, our practitioners discuss how the delivery went, check wounds, whether you are coping with breastfeeding if you have opted to, Screen for Post-Natal Depression, discuss contraception, ensure your pap smears are up to date and update immunisations if necessary for the new mum. They also conduct a full examination of your new baby including baby weight, head circumference and administer first immunisation shots.

Start Your Parenthood Journey Strong: Choose Antenatal & Shared Care with HEMAC