Marks on face? IRIS- vascular laser can help to reduce redness even brown discolouration left by acne. The energy is focussed on the redness and pigments under the top layer of skin.

Most people would have at some stage battled with acne troubles. This condition mainly occurs in younger people but can also be problematic at later stage of life. Blemishes such as whiteheads, blackheads, papules and pustules can create marks on the face and sometimes even scars.

Four main factors causing acne:

  • Oil production
  • Dead skin cells
  • Clogged pores
  • Bacteria

How do HEMAC treat acne?

Today, there are many effective acne treatments which can control the condition.

Depending on the severity of the condition, we will have a customized plan of action to help treat acne on your skin.

Options of treatment include :

  1. ASAP/OBAGI Clensiderm skincare products.Getting the right skincare is a step in the right direction. At HEMAC, we recommends AHAs that are powerful in fighting acne yet gentle enough to not cause significant side effects.
  2. A medicated solution containing benzoyl peroxide/ salicylic acid with antibiotics often clears the skin.This does not mean that the acne will clear overnight but speeds up recovery and minimises the likelihood of scarring.

    At-home treatment requires 4-8 weeks to see improvement. Once acne clears, you must continue to treat the skin to prevent breakouts.

  3. If you have a lot of acne, cysts, or nodules, a medicine that you can buy without a prescription may not work. It is prudent to visit a doctor at this point to minimise your risk of complications which may be temporary (red marks) or permanent (acne scars).

    If you want to see clearer skin, you may need prescription for:

    • Antibiotics (helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation).
    • Birth control pills and other medicine that works on
    • hormones (can be helpful for women).
    • Isotretinoin (the only treatment that works on all that causes acne).
  4. Physical therapies: These are useful adjuncts to improve the skin and to speed up the effects of medications. These devices reduce the acnes bacteria and inflammation under the skin.
    At HEMAC, we will advise you on the type of treatment that can be helpful for your skin.
  • Chemical peels: Glycolic acid/Salicyclic acid/Lactic acid—for blackheads and papules.
  • Acne removal: procedure called “drainage and extraction” to remove a large acne cyst or annoying bumps under skin called milias and whiteheads.
  • Microdermabrasion can remove dead skin and clogged pores, thus improving penetration of skincare products.
  • If you absolutely have to get rid of a cyst quickly, we may inject the cyst with steroid solution.
  • Blu LED light –helps to kill P.acnes bacteria
  • Photodynamic therapy- a combination of all the above for more resistant and severe cases, this treatment is very effective and effects of reducing acne may last for up to 5 years. There is a downtime of 7 days and may require up to 3 sessions.


Waiting for acne to clear on its own can be frustrating. Without treatment, acne can cause permanent scars, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

When the skin clears, treatment should continue to prevent new breakouts.