Dry skin and lacking lustre? Skin booster injections is an great way to nourish your skin, especially designed to deliver deep-skin hydration. This means increasing hydration levels within the skin to deliver lasting moisturisation and improvements on the skin’s surface, creating a fresh and radiant look.


A brand new approach to improve skin quality

Skinboosters comes out as a top premium skin treatment as it delivers airbrushing of fine wrinkles by hydrating and moisturising the skin from within to improve the overall condition of your skin.

What can it treat and what is its benefits?

It firms and tones to create a fresh, natural lumiosity and healthier youthful look to the skin on your face, neck, hands and décolletage, where exposure to the sun can cause premature ageing.

Used in combination with dermal fillers it brings superlative results for airbrushing fine lines and crepe-ness. Visible improvements to the skin can be seen after an initial course* of treatments. On younger skin, this makes your skin look lustrous taking on a quality that will be remarked on daily…
When can I do another treatment?

*An initial course of 3 treatments – each approximately 4 weeks apart is recommended – with a maintenance top up treatment every 6 months.

Skinboosters can be used to increase hydration to the skin, particularly the face, neck, hands and décolletage. They can smooth fine lines on the forehead and the lower face.

Skin- Boosters for even more hydration…