Cryo-Stamp is based on Cryo-electrophoresis, implemented Combination therapy that is coupled with -15deg cold stamping to tighten skin whilst Iontophoresis/Micro-Current helps to increase absorption of suitable solutions into the deeper layers of the skin. 500 times more effective in delivering treatment through the surface of the skin.


The cool way to smoother, more radiant skin…

Face freezing treatments are the latest anti-wrinkle trick. It puts the nerves into temporary hibernation, so muscles relaxes and wrinkles disappear.

How does it work?

Cold electrophoresis is a new, innovative technology which uses the skin’s water based channels to promote transdermal delivery of rejuvenating solutions by a pulsed iontophoresis with a continuous reversed polarity current.

It sounds really complicated but in simple terms, large molecular size compounds of peptides, growth factors, hyaluronic acids and antioxidants which would otherwise be too big to be absorbed if applied and massaged onto the skin can now be delivered into the skin without damage to the tissues nor modification of the compounds.

Without cold electrophoresis treatment, the absorption of the solution is only 10-20% when massaged into the skin. This treatment makes your skin absorb at least 80% of the solution by making the molecules easier to enter into the skin.

For many patients who are afraid of the pain associated with needles, this is a comfortable, painless 20 minute treatment.


What can it treat and what is its benefits?

At HEMAC Aesthetic, your skin is first assessed by our medical team and we listen to what your concerns are. We then personalise a treatment based on the compounds that is best suited for your skin.

Depending on the solution selected, Cryostamp is a modality that can rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, it can improve fine lines and dull skin, for skin firming and brightening.

Solutions may contain a mixture of

    • Hyaluronic acid : for deep hydration
    • Peptides : to promote healthy skin
    • Arbutin : pigmentation reduction
    • Idebenon(antioxidant) : for skin brightening and even out skin tone
    • Vitamin C: anti-oxidant, fights free radicals
    • Multi growth factors : help promote skin healing post treatment


Cryostamp can also be done immediately after other aesthetic procedures such as lasers, skin peel, Botulium Toxin A or fillers without any side effects. The cold temperature during the treatment helps to reduce swelling or redness after other aesthetic procedure, thereby providing lesser downtime and more comfort.

Am I suitable for the treatment?

Cryostamp can be a rejuvenating treatment suitable for anyone who wishes to maintain a good skincare regime for slowing down the effects of aging.

The levels of vitamins and peptides required for maintaining cell function and metabolism decreases with age which results in slowing down of cell renewal and ineffective skin defence mechanism.

Due to the intense UV radiation of the sun in Australia, the temperamental weather changes not mentioning lifestyle choices that can produce excess free radicals, premature aging is imminent.

It is advisable to start rejuvenation treatment early so that skin can be functioning at its best.

Repeated Cryostamping provides deep hydration which is hard to achieve with moisturisers alone. Peptides, vitamins and minerals can improve skin elasticity which then helps support the soft tissues from sagging.

When can I do another treatment?

There is no downtime or pain associated with Cryostamp.

For facial rejuvenation, the results of the treatment are usually evident immediately post treatment as Hyaluronic Acid present in the rejuvenating solution attracts water into the skin for instant hydration.

The results becomes increasingly obvious after 3 sessions.

For best results 4-6 treatments are needed fortnightly.

Cryosatmp treatments should be repeated twice a year for maintenance.